Digital Tools – Identify and Prevent Loneliness

Welcome to the Digi-Ageing Screening Tool and Reminiscence Tool, which we briefly present to you:

The Screening Tool aims to assist healthcare professionals in evaluating older adults’ risk of developing loneliness symptoms by proposing a 3-step assessment procedure. This assessment procedure includes:

1. Loneliness Quick Check

2. UCLA Loneliness Assessment Scale,

3. Ecomap

After the three-step screening, the health professional gets recommendations for prevention (Prevention Report) and for intervention (Intervention Report). On this basis he/she can create an action plan together with the client.

The Reminiscence Tool involves the prompting and recalling of memories and experiences from the past, and sharing of the reminiscence with the intention to empower older adults to overcome loneliness to find hope, value, and meaning in their lives.

The tool provides concrete suggestions on how to structure online sessions with elderly people: e.g. use Google Street View to remember important places from the past, work with websites such as Pinterest to find favorite recipes from childhood, or use YouTube to find favorite songs from the youth.

Once the health professionals get registered they can plan online appointments with their clients via the tool.

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